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Sorry, you can't upload your photos to this website. No member bird photos are stored here and all member photos are hosted else ware and 'shared' to these forums. This way, you always maintain control of your photos and they never become property of this website.

In order to share a photo, you will have to first upload it to a photo hosting service such as,, Google Photos
Many members on this website use Flickr.

Follow the instructions at the photo hosting service on how to create an account and upload photos.
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Sharing from Google Photos:

Warning: Google does not make it easy to share photos to message boards and is by far the most difficult service to use. Read and fellow the steps below for you best chance to make Google work. Other services are much simpler and help build good image sharing links.

1. Go to Google Photos on the Web:

2. Browser to the photo you want to share.
a.) Check that the photo have been shared, create a link if it has not: ... ic=6128855

3. Click on that photo to view is full screen in your browser window.
--> there should be some white icons on the top left, you may need to mouse over the picture to get them to display. Icons are: Share, Edit, Zoom, Favorite, Trash

IGNORE THE SHARE ICON in the upper right -- its does not work for our purpose


4. Right-click on the image to pull up a web browser dialogue box.

5. Select "Copy image address " or "Copy image location" (each web browser is different) -- this copies the direct URL to the image
--> Go back to the birding forums

6. Paste that image address into the forum posting. Should look like this gigantic link:

7. Now, the important part, highlight the whole link and then go up into the toolbar as press the picture icon.
This wraps the link in BB code and looks like this {img}...Giant Google URL ...{/img }
-- Make sure there are no spaces in your URL!

8. Submit/Preview and you should have an image show up:


Troubleshooting Google Shared Photos

Google Photos has privacy settings turned on by default and will not share your photo publicly until you create a share link for the photo.

If you forget to do this, the image looks list a grey "do not enter" blank image.


Google Chrome extension to create BBCode links
A developer has created an extension that creates embeddable image links for google photos and places them on the clipboard. Supports direct image links and BBCode snippets.

Visit Chrome Extension page

--This method allows you the skip the BB code step as the "Copy image address" automatically adds the BBCode part. Simple use the "Copy image address-->BBCode image snippit"

Copy and Paste into the post and your image should show up.
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By BirdingBC
Sharing from Flickr:

Flickr makes it a lot easier as they generate BBCode which is the best format for this website.

First, follow your normal routine to get your photos uploaded to your photostream.
Prior to doing anything, make sure your uploaded photo is set to PUBLIC. (Additional Info at the bottom of the white details area)

Ok, ready?

1. Choose the photo you want to share (click it)
--> Photo is now center screen and you have 4 icons on the lower right (Edit, Share, Download, Shopping Cart.

2. Select the 2nd Icon (Share)
--> A white dialogue pops up with 4 options (Share, Embed, Email, BBCode)

3. Copy the BBCode and paste into your posting. (Flickr does the BBcoding work for you).
Looks something like this:
{url=]{img] ... deee_k.jpg[/img][/url]{url=]Iceland Gull (Larus glaucoides thayeri)[/url] by {url=]Kevin Slagboom[/url], on Flickr

4. Preview the post and the image should show up.

ImageIceland Gull (Larus glaucoides thayeri) by Kevin Slagboom, on Flickr
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Sharing from Imgur

Imgur is a simple photo sharing solution that is allows you to easily upload photos to its service and then create share links. It is quick and has simple features, it does image sharing and that's pretty much it. All you need is a free Imgur account and you can upload and share photos.

1. Create an account at imgur
2. Upload your photos
3. Click on the uploaded photo
--> presented with links to share the photo.
4. Select the BBCode or Linked BBCode option.
5. Paste into a posting. Done!

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Sharing Photos from Other Sites

There are many places to upload photos, too many to cover here. Review the instructions for Flickr, Google Photos, and Imgur. An alternate photo sharing service should work the same way.

1. Upload to the photo sharing service.
2. Select the image and look for the share button.
3. See if the service helps generate BBCode for the image you want to share. BBCode is used here.
4. Post the code into the posting.

If all you are able to get is the direct link to the photo, follow the manual posting instructions below.


Once your photo is uploaded to a photo hosting service, you can now share it and add it to your forum posting. In order to have the image appear in the posting, you will need the image address/URL for the image rather then the page it lives on.

Many hosting providers have instructions on how to share a photo. What we need is the direct URL to the image by itself, and not the image inside a web page. Flickr provied the BBCode via their share photo button. BBCode is what we use here.

For other photo sharing services, look for the 'share' button. You can also browse to the page with the image on it then "right-click" and select "view image". This should give you only the image and copy the image address (the exact url for the image)in your web browser.

COPY that exact URL.
eg. ... 27891b.jpg

Now, paste the URL into your forum posting, select it, and then hit the picture button in the posting toolbar.

Code looks like this
{img} ... b.jpg{/img}
(NOTE: the brackets have been changed from [ to be { to illustrate.)

Here is the result:

One more TIP: Make sure there are no spaces before or after the [img} URL {/img]

[img] https://…. [/img] (delete the gap)
--> should look like this:

Good luck posting images.

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