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I just had to go out to Brydon Lagoon in search of the reported Black Phoebe. It's the 1st time that species has been recorded at Brydon and a lifer for me! It was quite challenging to get a good, clear shot of him because of all of the overgrown brambles and the fact that he was flitting from branch to branch, but I managed to come away with a few decent pictures. A bad picture is better than no picture at all, especially of a rare species (and the ones I got aren't all that bad, just not as unobstructed as I would've liked).

ImageBlack Phoebe by Jewill on Flickr
I was waiting for a clear sunny morning to head to Iona Beach Park, once I saw reports of some of the summer visitors showing up there. It was a good morning to add more birds to the list, starting with a pair of Black Bellied Plovers trying to fit in with the gazillions of Dunlins on the beach:

ImageBlack Bellied Plover by GMcD2008, on Flickr
I don't think we have a Whimbrel yet and although this is not a very good picture (backlit, out of focus, and the birds were way in the distance) the last time I got one was in 2015. If anyone gets a better one by all means post it.

ImageWhimbrel by Jewill on Flickr
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