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By seasanty9
There is a family of Stellar's Jays in my yard, but one has particularly "fluffy puffs" around its legs. I've not seen this before. Might it be because it may be nesting right now or does someone know what this might be?
ImageP1034378 (2) by S Hilton, on Flickr

Thank you!
By seasanty9
I sent my photo to Wildlife Rescue Association and received by the following information in response:
"This Stellars Jay is not normal. We do not have an answer as to what the cause is but his beak, feathers and feet all look off. If you find you are able to capture him, then he could be brought into our wildlife hospital for a full exam and potential treatment. Otherwise, there is not much to be done."

I am sure that I have no chance of catching this bird. So far he seems to be keeping up & making a valiant attempt to be like the rest so I can only hope he is able to thrive despite his disabilities, as long as he doesn't pass them on I guess.

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