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On looking back, we sure have some beautiful photos here and a lot of talented photographers.
Nice California Quail James - I'm sure you'll get both in the same shot eventually. I've only seen one once - a male a few years ago at Reifel.
I got this one while having a coffee on the patio this afternoon. It's so hard to get a picture of any quality at all of these guys; they rarely stay still longer than a second.

ImageWilson's Warbler (Male) by Jewill on Flickr
Haha, Judy ... I got a Wilson's Warbler today ... you beat me to it!
(From Blair Pond Park in Kelowna)

In total today I saw 35 birds with some awesome birds at Robert's Lake in Kelowna.
1) American Avocet!

2) Black-necked Stilt!
There were 10 to 15 of each of these bird species hanging out in the wetlands by Robert's Lake.

3) Least Sandpiper (correction from Spotted. Thanks Zach!)
4) Killdeer
(This picture is fuzzy ... either I'll get another one or someone can add it)

A couple of more from Blair Pond Park ...
Eurasian-collared Dove

Violet-green Swallow

Zach -- sorry for the duplicate, but I got a Ruddy Duck in full color ...

(I got some nice videos, Kevin ... I'll add those a little later). Overall, a very fruitful day!
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zwest wrote: May 10 7:44 am Nice finds James! I think you’ve got a Least Sandpiper there, not spotted. If you have any other photos to confirm the legs are yellow, that helps rule out the other similar ones.
Thanks, Zach! And, yes, I went back and found a couple of photos -- Greenish Yellow legs. Nice catch! I'll update the list.
A little more bird watching today ... Munson Pond in Kelowna.
I found this Dusky Flycatcher (help me on this one Zach! :D ) (Edit: Thanks for the correction, Zach ... Dusky it is!) ...

Here's a Vesper Sparrow as well. This one was up McCulloch Road on the East side of Kelowna.
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jewill wrote: May 10 7:50 pm Merlin ids it as a Dusky…congrats!
I ran your sandpiper through it too (never hurts to get another opinion) and it agrees with Zach…Least Sandpiper.
That’s 2 for 2 Zach!
hahaha. Great! Nice work, Zach! Thanks for keeping me on the straight and narrow.
In Tab 5, James had posted some earlier pictures of a Ruby Crowned Kinglet with views of the red crown. Just for fun, wanted so share a very lucky shot I got with the kinglet in full display. Lots of commotion in a particular tree, and this bird was chasing every other bird it seemed like. He really had a head of steam up. Lots of agitation and movement.

ImageDSC_3387 by Randy Varga, on Flickr
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