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I ventured out to Brydon Lagoon late this afternoon - not that many birds around but I did come away with this. It's the first time I've seen Greater White-fronted Geese at Brydon (there were 4 in total) all of them either fully asleep (with their head tucked under their wing) or, like this guy, half way asleep - after dinner nap no doubt. :)

ImageGreater White-fronted Goose by Jewill on Flickr
Great additions everyone! Glad to see you out in full force, Ian! Beautiful photos ... everyone else too!
I've got a couple of adds ...
Our friendly neighborhood California Quail are still here in force! Still trying to get a good Male / Female photo, Judy.

The rest are also from the yard here in Kelowna. First, a White-Crowned Sparrow ... don't think we have this one? When they show up, I know that Spring has finally arrived!

We saw this Bullock's Oriole in the neighbor's tree (eating some kind of worm that wraps itself in leaves).


I know we have one of these already, but here's a Pine Siskin at my feeder (which I have now taken down due to the Bird Flu). Frowny face.

Keep up the awesome work, everyone! (I'll update the list)
Happy "doing stuff with birds!"
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