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I will give it my best shot! All I got right now is this Chipping Sparrow, though.
Saw him in Knox Mountain Park in Kelowna.

Will update the bird list this week ... heading toward Osoyoos tomorrow ... wondering if it is too early for the Bobolink!
Happy Bird Looking!
I fixed my Spotted Sandpiper mistake ... I think. lol. This guy was at the waterfront Nature Preserve in downtown Kelowna.

Also, I got a better picture of the Tree Swallow I had posted ... plus the female! It was too wide of a shot to get both this time.
Here's the female nesting ...

Nice Cedar Waxwing, Judy ... I was sneaking up on you to post that one as well. haha.
I realized I'm way behind on updating the bird list! Sorry ... posting it next after this group of photos. My daughter has been here visiting and has been a good luck charm on birds.
First, here's the Mourning Dove -- saw this lovely bird in Knox Mountain Park in Kelowna.

Was out looking for the elusive Sage Thrasher at White Lake Ecological Reserve near OK Falls and saw this Lazuli Bunting instead (If someone has a nicer photo later, please post)...
At one point I really thought I had the Thrasher ... it was this Lark Sparrow ... not unhappy with it! :)

We swung by the Osoyoos Oxbows. That place always delivers! Here's a Yellow Warbler from there.

Our next stop over was in Keremeos. What a beautiful valley through there. We saw both the Eastern and the Western Kingbirds near the Red Bridge in Keremeos.

Back in West Kelowna, we saw this Image hiking near Mt Boucherie (from the Eian Sanford parking lot).

Finally, we stopped at the Gellatly Regional Heritage Park ... so many different birds! However, most of them were posted ... except for this lovely little House Wren. The pair was there, but I just couldn't catch them both at once!

It's been an excellent week of Bird Watching for me ... :D
Some nice additions there Zach and James. I missed the Scarlet Tanager by 1 day :( . It was very slow out back with it pouring rain all day. I did however get this Swainson's Thrush late in the afternoon - I hear them all the time in Spring but rarely see them. I think (hope) they must be breeding down by the creek.

ImageSwainson's Thrush by Jewill on Flickr
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