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By BillGyles
Does anyone understand what is going on between these male Hairy Woodpeckers. I get the impression that they found themselves too close together and used non-threatening behaviour to try to de-escalate the situation. When one does something the other one seems to copy rather than try something new. Finally the one on the right asserts dominance with energetic head bobbing and screeching. No one gets hurt. Or I could be way off.
I'm baffled. The spread wings looks like warming or anting behaviour however given it was smoking hot on that day in Ladysmith on June 30th and there are no ants in sight, I am going to guess the spread wings was a type of cooling behaviour? Don't think the birds are showing a kind of contact/aggressive posturing but may be wrong here. It does look like some sort of mimicky is going on and the one bird is more submissive to it.

I don't know. It is weird behaviour!
I just noticed that both are juveniles, which may change the dynamics. Perhaps they are too young for territorial aggression and are at an age where they mimic to learn.
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