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I was leading the Swan Lake walk and this was the second weekend we got lucky. Previous week one of our participants photographed the Sora and a Virginia Rail in the same shot. Normal walk mornings we may get most of the regular birds and perhaps a few uncommons. It is Rare for the Swan Lake Sunday walk group to actually get a "hard for view" rare bird two weekends in a row. I suspect we used all our luck up and the rest of the spring rarities are yet to arrive.

That is great! I did not know that the swan lake bird walks are still on. I might show up one day. I would come this coming Sunday, but I am birding on Mount Doug for townsends solitaires.
Ring-necked Duck

Normally ring-necked duck are out in deep water in the middle of a pond or lake somewhere. These ducks have become habituated to been fed and were hanging out right at the duck feeding area. They appear to be diving for seed that has sunk to the bottom.
Purple Finch

It was difficult to film this bird as it was high up in the trees. Seems I need to switch to manual focus to get the right focal lock. It was quiet at the lake and you could clearly hear this purple finch song without multiple competing human and bird noise.
I was at the Enderby Cliffs today and was able to capture three different bird videos ...
First, coming down the cliffs in the late afternoon, a Bald Eagle and four Turkey Vultures were catching the thermals just in front of and below us!
Bald Eagle!
Turkey Vultures!

Driving away from the parking lot, we spied this Ring-necked Pheasant in a farmer's field grabbing something to eat. The munching noise in the background are sound effects from my friend to go along with the bird! lol.
BirdingBC wrote: Apr 07 7:32 am Well done James! Been a long time since I last saw a pheasant. We had them here in Victoria but populations have been wiped out. Not sure if there are any still around.
Thanks, Kevin! Thank goodness my wife is usually with me ... she's the one who reminds me that I should shoot a video. haha. It's funny how you can hear my lens zooming in and out ... this is a Nikon P900 that's traveled extensively ... it might be starting to wear out ...

I did have another video ... this one is a flock of seagulls (California Gulls) from over at our landfill.
Have a few more videos to share ... was checking out a few bird locales today! However, this first video (of a Spotted Towhee) was from my house near Knox Mountain Park. Sorry it's a little dark ... he was pretty backlit ... and I couldn't figure out the adjustment. haha.

This next short clip is the Brewer's Blackbird ... near Munson Pond, Kelowna, BC. A few chirps and then off he went!

Over at Chichester Park, in Rutland, these Green-winged Teals were having a bite to eat! Male and Female for you Judy! :)

Here's a Hooded Merganser that was preening itself at Munson Pond, Kelowna, BC. Looking for a mate! Sorry for some shaky camera work ... Zoomed in sometimes means I'm not so steady without the tripod!

Here's another Merganser -- this time, the Common Merganser -- sorry, Judy. Couldn't get them both in the same shot!

Common Merganser (Male)

Common Merganser (Female)

I know I already posted a Northern Flicker, but I couldn't pass up this one building a nest (prepping the flicker hole, I guess). haha. Northern Flicker.

Although considered an invasive species, these European Starlings are still beautiful birds. I wish it had been in the direct sunlight to see the iridescent colors!

Although we already have a Red-winged Blackbird, here's a close-up! lol.
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