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Dear all,

Ptarmigan species in BC (white-tailed, willow and rock ptarmigan) are iconic birds, well-adapted to cold climates and open or semi-open tundra habitats. As a consequence, they are considered particularly threatened by climatic alteration. Little is known about their current distribution across British Columbia and how this might change in response to climatic alterations.

As a research scientist at the University of British Columbia (Conservation Biology Lab - prof. Kathy Martin) I would like to assess the effects of climatic alteration for willow, white-tailed and rock ptarmigan in B.C. To do so we need to gather data on precise location of the birds (<1km) observed between May-October from 1970s to 2019.

We already obtained data for the BC Atlas and citizen science platforms, but data prior to eBird might be particularly interesting and not widely reported.

We require only a few basic details as shown in the list here below. Data should be forwarded to and/or

Data required:
Observer name and contact details:
Species (WIPT,WTPT,ROPT) :
Location: lat & long
Precision of location: ideally <3km
Date: even approximate
% Confidence in the identification (0-100% confident):
Photo available: yes/no

Many thanks for your time

Davide Scridel
PhD, Post-doc University of British Columbia, Conservation Biology Lab - prof. Kathy Martin

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