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By KenW
These two birds were in the sewage treatment ponds at Iona today

this first one I think is a least sandpiper. very small, about 1/4 the size of nearby killdeer

This second has me stumped. it was larger, maybe 2/3 the size of the killdeer
By courtjcam
Yes on the first one - this Least Sandpiper shows its yellow legs nicely, which is a good quick indicator I look for if there are a lot of mixed Western Sandpipers & Leasts all running around. They are frequently in the water/muck with their legs muddied or hidden, however.

The second one is a Spotted Sandpiper. Its name isn't helpful when you see them like this, in non-breeding plumage! If you learn their call, you can often tell that one is around before you see it. Also check out its body bobbing as it walks; that's another good indicator (although a couple of its related friends may also bob, like Solitary Sandpiper and Wandering Tattler).

Happy shorebirding!
By therobwalker
The little patch of white extending in front of the wing is a something I find helpful with non-breeding spotted sandpipers as well.
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