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The rise of the hipster bird-watcher
The Telegraph - Joe Shute - 20 March 2017

And so, it’s official: bird-watching is the new must-have string to the millennial’s bow. Once regarded as the preserve of middle-aged men wearing complementary shades of olive and beige, a nationwide survey of Britain’s hobbies and interests has discovered that 32 per cent of men aged between 16 to 25 have been birding.

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I got a chuckle out of this article, both because of the tiny binos the guy has (never worked for me) and this quote "That said, never ask a veteran birder a question when they are staring at a specimen through their bins - at best, this will elicit a grunt. "

---It's more likely you'll get shushed as the vet birder will probably be birding by ear to help get the ID before the bird flies away. Funny how chatting and birding don't entirely mix.

I think I was 20 yrs ahead of my time when I started birding. No such thing as a hipster in the 90s. Closest thing people could call you was a bird nerd.
Those 'tiny binos' are not only practically useless for birding - the manner in which they are being held does not allow them to be focused, and the bin strap is draped in front of one lens! Clearly a posed photo, with someone who does not know how to use bins. In fact, the same is obvious for all three images of people holding bins. I don't think we need to be concerned about such hipsters taking over our cherished pastime.


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