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Catherine McKenna, Canada's minister of the environment and climate change, is set to report on how more than 1,000 bird species are doing across Canada, the U.S. and Mexico. The news conference will be streamed live on CBC News starting 11:30AM PST ... -1.3587716 ... rtr.tp1D=3
Federal Duck Stamps are a good way that individual birders can help out birds and conserve their habitats. Proceeds from the sale of the stamps goes directly to Wildlife Habitat Canada to conserve birds and to enhance and restore their habitats. Over 1500 bird conservation projects have been supported this way in Canada to date since the program began in the 80's and in the US the stamps have raised over 750 million dollars since the program began in the 30's and 5 million acres of wildlife habitat were bought for the national wildlife refuge system with the money.

You can read more about them here : ... 9B4EEB34-1

You can purchase them here: ... vation.pdf

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