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Hey guys, unfortunately I have to be the bearer of some bad news. There is gale force wind warnings and heavy rain forecasted for the open ocean and the captain said it's unsafe to go out tomorrow.

More info on the marine forecast here ... teID=07003 ... teID=07010

I am rescheduling the trip to next Sat Sept 3rd for those who cannot come please send me an email or call and I will issue a full refund.

If we don't get enough kids we will unfortunately cancel the trip.

Sorry about this guys, I know we were all really looking forward to it.

Please let me know if you can come tonight.

Thanks again,
Hey guys thanks to all of you for your prompt replies! We are a go for next weekend! See you next Saturday Sept 3rd and thanks for your positive attitudes!

I will send out an email with some specifics but we will be meeting at the same place and same time 6 am sharp don't forget waivers and your warm clothes, lunch money and everything else I posted above.

Hey Guys!

We are all excited to go on our trip saturday with a full boat of kids!

Please triple check that you have BOTH of your waivers with you!

Ann Nightingale sent me this update from the Facebook page of the tour company we are going with! Look at the killer whales guys!! Let's hope we get them as well in addition to great birds! ... 7634221535

See you at 6 am on Sat Sept 3rd!

Thanks to Mel for organizing another great trip! :)

We got off to a good start with a Franklin's Gull from the ferry as we pulled out of the terminal in Tsawwassen. We had a fun time on the water, too! It was incredible to see some of what the wild west coast has to offer. We saw an estimated 70+ humpback whales, a truly incredible sight! Additionally, we watched and listened to Steller's and California Sea Lions at a haulout. There were large numbers of alcids out on the water, particularly Common Murres, Rhinoceros Auklets, Pigeon Guillemots, and even a brief Tufted Puffin seen by a few. Heermann's Gulls and Herring Gulls also gave nice views, as did a couple young Red-necked Phalaropes and a Pacific Loon. We also got to hear a Sky Lark in Saanich on the way home. A great day! :)
Thanks again, Mel, for the awesome trip!!
I got 9 lifers, and it was really awesome seeing the rednecked phalaropes so close and the humpback whales so close, and breaching too!! 8) The franklins gull was a real highlight too, as well as all the alcids! Really cool to hear those sea lions echoing out of the caves too!
All together it was a really awesome trip!!!! :D

Have a good weekend everyone!!

Thank you, Mel, for organizing this trip! It was a lot of fun, and we saw some great birds and mammals! Here are a few of my photos…

Two of the many Humpback Whales:


Red-necked Phalaropes:


So many alcids! Never seen so many Common Murres or Rhinoceros Auklets, either. Here was a closer Rhino:


And the sea lions:



Thanks again Mel!
Awesome shots B! Glad to hear you too had a great time.

I love the humpback and how you caught him pec slapping!

Weather was too calm and no wind for any tubenoses. I suspect they were sitting on the water way out (even though we went past Port Renfrew) but we still had a blast.

Thanks again for sharing your beautiful shots!

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