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"The Vaseux Lake Bird Observatory (VLBO) is organizing a “Great Canadian Birdathon” Big Day Birding Event as part of the Meadowlark Nature Festival. This event is a major fundraiser in support of the important conservation work and operations at VLBO.

Did you know that 340 species of birds can be found in the Okanagan? And 205 of those breed here! Our region is one of the most ecologically unique in Canada has an astoundingly diverse assemblage of avian species! Unfortunately many ecosystems in the Okanagan are threatened because native habitat is under pressure from increasing development. Several species of birds classified as ‘species-at-risk’ depend on native habitats in the Okanagan to breed, refuel during migration and sustain themselves during winter. The research conducted at VLBO contributes towards bird population analyses at national and regional levels and helps us determine how well local species are doing. This is especially important in developing plans for conservation and recovery. Through this event we encourage participants to fundraise for VLBO so that the research can continue and expand.

The Great Canadian Birdathon & Big Day event is designed with something for everyone. Choose your own adventure!

Count Options:
• Big Day: This is an all day/night hike or bike extravaganza for keen birders. The groups will start anytime after midnight and bird till they cannot bird anymore (~22 hours) and is non-motorized (no vehicle transportation during the birding part of the day).
• Little Big Day: This option is an 8-hour count that starts with the dawn chorus around 4:00 am until around noon. This is also a non-motorized, fossil-fuel-free option. Choose your own birding location.
• Family & Novice Little Big Day: This is an 8-hour count designed especially for novice and beginner birders and families. This group will meet up with the advanced youth birders and start their day with the dawn chorus around 4:00 am and bird until around noon. They will travel together as a group with vehicle transportation to select destinations. Registration fee: $5 per family or individual
• Advanced Youth Big Day: This is also an all day/night event starting in the wee hours of the morning at 4 am and continuing until at least dusk. This group will travel together in a vehicle(s) to select destinations and be led by some of the Okanagan’s own youth birding superstars! This group is for any young experienced birders with enough stamina to last the whole day! Registration fee: $5 per family or individual
• The Big Sit: If you’re unable to hike or bike but you want to bird and contribute your support, this option is for you! Pick a place, sit and count birds for a 4-hour period. You will have the most success if you pick a place that could be a hotspot for birds (any habitat with shrubs, flowers and diverse vegetation is great or somewhere along a lake or stream) and start early!

All participants are encouraged to fundraise for the Vaseux Lake Bird Observatory leading up to this event through the Great Canadian Birdathon Website.

The Count-up: We will be having a count-up brunch with Awards for the Adult Big Day and Prizes and Awards for the Family/Novice/Youth participants. In addition, each of the members that register for the Family/Novice/Youth event will be invited to VLBO for a personal tour and demonstration at the banding station later in 2016.

How to register for this event:

1. Go online and register for the event at:
There is a $5 registration fee per family or individual for the Family & Novice and Advanced Youth groups. This fee will go towards supporting the organization of the Meadowlark Nature Festival

2. Go online and Join our fundraising team called “Vaseux Lake Bird Observatory” for the Great Canadian Birdathon and you can make donations at: ... am=6674967

On this website you can register as an individual or a couple as part of our team. If you register before X DATE, you can receive a birdathon t-shirt to wear for the Big Day (with donation). Now you can start fundraising! Direct all interested donors to this website. The website will tally donations made in your name and also show our team total.

3. Once you have completed Step 1 and 2, send us the following information to:

Please continue to check out our website at as we update information about the event and PRIZES!

Accommodations and Travel Arrangements:
If you require any field gear like binos, or need a place to pitch a tent (or if you’re lucky maybe a spare room), please let us know and we will try our best to accommodate your needs. We are looking into having transportation options available but space will be limited. Please direct any inquiries to



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