This area is for BC birding news, events and related announcements.
This is an incredible annual event and even has a pelagic you can participate in to the continental shelf for 220$ and smaller boat trips to Cleland Island for 75$. Daniel Donnecke and Jill Robinson will be guiding these trips. Andy Murray will be guiding a birding by kayak trip also for 75$.

There is also a photography workshop with Jess Findlay, lectures from biologists, events for kids and more.

All info and how to register here: ... d-festival

Here is the results from one of the Tofino Pelagics that ran on April 30th led by Daniel Donnecke

He has also posted some great photos here too:

They had great birds like Tufted Puffin and Black-footed Albatross ... =S29363434

On the pelagic on May 1st they had similar birds except no Puffin but they got flesh-footed Shearwaters, Sabine's Gulls and Storm-Petrels.


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