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The Edmonton Nature Club is hosting a pelagic trip from Ucluelet, British Columbia on Sunday September 18th. The tickets will be on sale April 1st for $200. I'll post the link for tickets on April 1st. If you'd like more information before then please send me a private email and I can send you the pelagic trip information package.

Thank you
James Fox
Executive Director - Edmonton Nature Club
Mel, if you go to the Edmonton Nature Club's website:

You'll see that ENC is using the same ship, same dock, same cost, and the same weekend as the WildResearch pelagic trip. I think this is why WildResearch isn't doing a pelagic trip in 2016.

The pelagic trip was Wildresearch's major fund raiseing event, there will now be a big funding short fall for the Nightjar monitoring project and the Bird Observatory at Iona. Birders were directly funding conservation projects in BC by going on the pelagic trips. I'm not sure what the ENC is planing to do with any of the profits from their pelagic trip.

Paul Levesque
Hi Paul,

Sorry to hear this. I read in the WildResearch newsletter (as posted below) that there would not be a trip this year and Christine even suggested people book this trip so I thought it was endorsed by WildResearch and there was other reasons it wasn't going, thanks for clarifying.



I think the WildResearch board has been put in a very difficult situation. They had to let the WR membership know that WR was not organizing a pelagic trip, and they knew that people would be disappointed that there wasn't going to be a trip.

Of course, the ENC is free to do whatever they like. However, the birding community will likely lose out in the long term, because in the future few organizations will be willing to take on the financial risk of organizing a big pelagic trip.

In the past, BC pelagic trips were on smaller boats and there were fewer seats, so the trips were easier to fill and this meant there was less risk for the organizers. Ironically, this also meant that the trips didn't get advertised outside of BC. When I organized the first WR pelagic trip in 2011, I advertised the trip as widely as possible and many land locked birders got to add a lot of pelagic birds to the Canada list.

Anyways, we’ll see what happens.

Paul Levesque

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