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Good ones Randy. I was hoping to upload my recent Kaslo vacation birds - Grey Catbirds, American Redstarts, and MacGillivray's Warbler, but you got them all closer to home. Guess I better schedule a trip up to Pitt River/Lake and check it out sometime. But at least I got one bird that hasn't made the list yet - had some cooperative Willow Flycatchers down at Kaslo Bay in the morning light, perching on wild rose bushes and singing away. We can add the Willow Flycatcher now:

ImageWillow Flycatcher by GMcD2008, on Flickr
GMcD: great shot of the Willow F. Hey, if you have a shot of the Redstart, would love to see it. My attempts have been good for registering the capture, but not terribly good images. If you have one that is a step up, I don't think anyone would mind the double post.
Here's one of my Redstart photos - I wasn't able to get any shots of it closer, although I had a couple males come pretty close to me and even perched for a second about 3 meters away, but I couldn't get on them fast enough. I watched their territorial display - fly up about 2-3 meters above a tree fluttering and flashing the tail, and back down to sing. Fun.

ImageAmerican Redstart by GMcD2008, on Flickr
Great work everyone! Love all the adds Pat, GMcD, Randy, and Ian. You've got the list up to 193. Here's the current list:

Three birds I've added to this list are the Magpie (from Skopje Park, Carr's Landing (Lake Country):

I was up Beaver Lake road in Lake Country and (barely) caught this Red-Naped Sapsucker!

One of the outcomes of last year's giant Kelowna-area fire was an increase in the number of Lewis Woodpeckers. I actually had one in my yard. These photos are from Knox Mountain park ... looks like they are nesting there and across the lake in Bear Creek Provincial Park, too.
Here's the hole it chose as a nest site ... I guess it's nice.
Finally, here are a couple of images of male/female to add to the collection. First, a pair of Ospreys from the Rotary Park in Downtown Kelowna.
Then, from the backyard, a small quail family: mom, dad, and chick.
And one isolated shot of mom and chick.

Thanks for continuing to build the list! :mrgreen:
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