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haha. Thanks for helping us hit the big 2.4.0, Adam
and ... you're only too late for this challenge on 1 January 2024.
Hard to believe there's only two more weeks left in this year ...
Thanks for carrying on until the last, Randy! lol.
My wife and I went for a bike ride along Kalamalka Lake yesterday -- yes, the weather is still cooperating. I took my camera ... We saw tons of Mallards and some Coots. However, we did see five Common Goldeneyes and (I think) these are Clark's Grebes. That should add to our list!

The last couple of times we've been over here in Lake Country, BC by Wood Lake and Kal Lake we've seen these (either Western or Clark's) Grebes. Happy to (kind of) share (these fuzzy photos). lol. We are coming down to the wire now! Where's that Snowy Owl from last year. lol.
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