Metro Vancouver, Fraser Valley, Chilliwack, Hope, Lytton, Whistler, Squamish, Powell River, Howe Sound
Hi All,

I'm Adam Dhalla (some of you may have heard of Find the Birds). Wonderful to post on this forum again!

I am currently doing a study on Yellow-breasted Chats and Gray Catbirds and the possibility of a range expansion of the former into the lower mainland. I will be doing this by comparing the historical range expansion (if it was an expansion at all) of Gray Catbirds into the lower mainland. This, of course, calls for data (numerical or anecdotal) of Gray Catbirds in the lower mainland.

eBird and public record data is scarce pre-2000, which is when data is required the most. Data and observations pushing back to the 60s and even 50s would be incredibly valuable, but also those in the later end of the last century.

If you have any information or know anybody who does, please respond here or send an email to!

Thank you so much :)

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