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Nice work, everyone! You beat me to the Rufous, again, this year Zach! lol. Spooh12 -- I'm in North Kelowna and they just showed up over the last couple of days. Here's a Calliope from today in the back yard ...

It was a thirsty little bird ... kept coming back for more!
Hi there

For one reason or another I have not been on the site for literally years! Thought I would add a couple:

Short-Eared Owl



And then one I was surprised not to see yet: the common as sand Snow Goose! I suppose everybody thought somebody else would post one. So common I do not have a decent 2021 image. This is literally all I have in 2021:

Welcome back Alwyn! We're having quite a bit of fun with this Big Year Challenge and I'm sure your photos will be most welcome.
I went to my favourite birding spot today, Brydon Lagoon, and came away with 2 additions. I thought for sure we already had our provincial bird, but it's not on the list and I don't see one posted since the list was last updated:

ImageSteller's Jay by Jewill on Flickr

ImageBrown-headed Cowbird (Male) by Jewill on Flickr

Not my finest work though; the sun was very harsh and I found it difficult to get both the bird and the background in balance.
A few more birds from around Victoria and the Gulf Islands in the past few weeks.

Brant - Discovery Island
ImageFile2077 by Dennis McMillan, on Flickr

ImageFile2088 by Dennis McMillan, on Flickr

Rhinoceros Auklet - Saturna Island
ImageRhinoceros Auklet by Dennis McMillan, on Flickr

Pacific Loon - Saturna Island
ImagePacific Loon by Dennis McMillan, on Flickr

Least Sandpiper - Discovery Island
ImageLeast Sandpiper by Dennis McMillan, on Flickr

Cinnamon Teal - Panama Flats
ImageCinnamon Teal by Dennis McMillan, on Flickr

Orange-crowned Warbler - Swan Lake
ImageOrange-crowned Warbler by Dennis McMillan, on Flickr
Really nice Rhinocerous Auklet Dennis. I've only ever seen that bird once, a few years ago at Point Roberts (I sort of remember that place :wink:). Your Least Sandpiper with the beautiful reflection and Orange-crowned Warbler where you can actually see the orange crown are well done too.
I managed another one for the list today while sitting on the patio having lunch -

ImageHermit Thrush by Jewill on Flickr
I know Zach posted a beautiful picture of a Horned Grebe a while back, but that one was in winter plumage. Take a look at this one, in full breeding plumage. You'd hardly know it was the same species. Taken at Brydon Lagoon early this evening.

ImageHorned Grebe (Breeding) by Jewill on Flickr

And since we don't have a Cackling Goose yet, I thought I'd add not one but two (maybe they are male and female - who knows, except them of course :roll:.) Again, at Brydon Lagoon this evening.

ImageCackling Geese by Jewill on Flickr
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