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Hello birders and nature lovers,

I am a member of the Mitlenatch Island Stewardship Team, (MIST) and am involved in assisting them to fundraise in order to cover their basic program costs this year. Mitlenatch is a well known mecca for birders in BC and one of the more important bird colonies in the Salish Sea, not to mention the sea lions, humpback whales and seals that frequent the island. We have decided to arrange an online fundraiser and trivia night that includes birds (and other wildlife) of Mitlenatch and BC. It should be fun.

I am reaching out to organizations to spread the news, and thought you may have an industry newsletter or even local communications channel that you could share this with, and/or by passing on the information to whomever you think would be interested in it. It would be wonderful if you could support MIST in any of these capacities. Also, please join us for the trivia night – we have endless capacity so all birds in your flock of friends can be invited. 😊

Thank you so much and take care.
Susan Rybar


Please support our fundraiser and/or join this fundraising event and share this email/information with friends, family, colleagues, bird lovers and naturalists to participate, too!


We all know Mitlenatch Island is a special place that need protecting. The Mitlenatch Island Stewardship Team (MIST) was formed in 2010 to support BC Park’s mandate to provide protection for Mitlenatch Island. A large part of the organization’s focus is to maintain the volunteer warden program, which is crucial for visitation and conservation of the island. However, it takes over $12,000 each year to run the program. For 2021, we are raising funds in partnership with the BC Parks Foundation to help pay for these efforts.


Join ‘For The Birds’ on April 14, 2021– A Fun Online Trivia Night for Mitlenatch Island. Not able to join us for trivia night? No problem. Herbert the Glaucous-winged Gull says you can still donate and receive a thank you.

To get a ticket, simply make a donation on the BC Parks Foundation webpage for Mitlenatch Island

The event invitation will be sent in a confirmation email (please check your junk inbox as the email could end up there).

Cost: By donation
Date: April 14, 2021
Time: 7:00pm start (Pacific Daylight Time)
Duration: Approx. 2 hours
Format: Zoom link and full details will be provided upon donation

Trivia Host: IQ 2000 Trivia is Canada's BEST online quiz night! So join the MIST fundraiser to learn all kinds of wonderful things or prove your intellectual excellence, mental mettle, and cerebral superiority! Instructions on how to play will be provided upon donation. There will be breaks between trivia rounds and be prepared to laugh.

Tax receipts: As the BC Parks Foundation is a registered non-profit organization, all donations over $20 are eligible for a tax credit.

LEARN MORE HERE: ... ch-island/

100% of donations go directly to protecting Mitlenatch Island through the activities of the volunteer warden program that assists BC Parks with the recreation management, ecological monitoring and conservation efforts. Donations are used for:

Trails, facilities, and structures, e.g., bird blind.
Invasive plant and vegetation management.
Data collection and research.
Education and public awareness including local promotional material.
Transportation of volunteers to and from the island.
Participation in the development of management and operating plans.
Helping subsidize volunteer costs for students, youth, and financially challenged volunteers.


The MIST Volunteers and BC Parks Foundation
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