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John - WOW what fabulous pictures!

I was out and about today and managed a few more additions to the list.

ImageYellow-rumped Warbler (Female - Audubon's) by Jewill on Flickr

I went to Boundary Bay specifically to look for Western Meadowlarks. Well, I did find a couple but they were in the distance so this is not a very good picture but it should still count. If anyone manages a better shot by all means post it.
ImageWestern Meadowlark & European Starling by Jewill on Flickr

From Boundary Bay to Richmond and again there was not much going on bird wise. I did get a better photo of the European Starling to offset the one above.
ImageEuropean Starling by Jewill on Flickr
Berdesdan wrote: Jan 26 8:00 am
stumblingpiper wrote: Jan 25 3:08 pm Ben, You're not kidding about challenging to count! Lol. That's actually a good idea for a challenge ... Maybe for February I'll put one out like that. For this photo, I looked at your image a little closer -- do you think you could crop it so you can see two or three of them together? It looks like you could and they'd still be in focus. Nice work on this one.
Just right, Ben! Nice work -- they look great!
Judy -- I was re-reading a couple of your posts ... hilarious. You have quite the adventures.

I had a couple to add ... one from a couple of days ago in the backyard ... what I affectionately call "the Black-eyed Magpie." I know, Black-billed. lol.

Also, I get to add a lifer for me ... maybe two or three hundred of them! Check out this group of Bohemian Waxwings flying around the neighborhood ...

They were attracted to our Juniper berries and the neighbors "red berries" (for wont of a better name). lol
We are at 94 birds already! Wow! Way to go everyone! Here's a link to the list: viewtopic.php?f=27&t=16619&p=90165#p90165

Just a friendly reminder and comment -- this is the 2021 challenge ... birds photographed this year ... if you have a last year or other bird -- we definitely want to see it! Just post it over in the photos page. Also, once we have a male and female of a bird, please refrain from adding additional pictures of that bird -- it makes it difficult for me to keep track! lol ... If you have a great shot and want to share -- please do -- in the photos forum! :mrgreen:

Happy Birding everyone!
stumblingpiper wrote: Jan 27 11:09 pm Judy -- I was re-reading a couple of your posts ... hilarious. You have quite the adventures.
Thanks James. You have to be able to find some humor in just about everything these days with the ongoing pandemic and government bungling of the vaccines. Otherwise you’ll drive yourself nuts. I am very grateful that I can still go birding which provides me with some sanity. I have a mask that I wear a lot with a picture of a Turkey Vulture on it and the caption “Keep calm and carrion”. That pretty well sums it up for me!
Zach...I love your picture of the 2 species of swan. That's almost as good as getting the male and female of one species in the same shot.
Congratulations on your lifer James of the Bohemian Waxwings. We used to get reliable sightings of them in Delta around the Reifel Bird Sanctuary but I haven't heard of any lately.
As for the Varied Thrush (Berdesdan) I still haven't seen one this year when I used to get them in the back green space every winter.

I headed out to Brunswick Point in Delta this morning looking for whatever. No Short-eared owls but there was a Rough-legged Hawk briefly and then a Red-tailed Hawk was posing very nicely on a stump and only about 15 feet from the path. They are already on the list so I won't post the pictures.
The only one I have to add from Brunswick Point is this guy attempting to dry out his wings -

ImageDouble-crested Cormorant by Jewill on Flickr

And from the backyard; a flock of them visit the suet feeder every day around 2 pm -

ImageBushtit (Male) by Jewill on Flickr
zwest wrote:I went out to Sumas Prairie this morning for another attempt at the Golden Eagle. Light was poor and it was far away, but...
Yea Zach - an adult Golden Eagle! The only one I've ever seen (in the wild) was a juvenile 6 years ago in Delta.

In looking back I don't think we have a Gadwall yet - and I managed to get both Mr and Mrs in the same shot :P
ImageGadwall (Male & Female) by Jewill on Flickr
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