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Here are 5 more for the 2021 Challenge...

Surfbird - Oak Bay Ecological Islands
ImageSurfbird-2 by Dennis McMillan, on Flickr

Black-bellied Plover - Oak Bay Ecological Islands
ImageBlack-bellied Plover by Dennis McMillan, on Flickr

Brandt's Cormorant (blue throat) with Double Crested and Pelagic Cormorants - Oak Bay Ecological Islands
ImageBrandt's Pelagic Double-crested Cormorants by Dennis McMillan, on Flickr

Pelagic Cormorants - Discovery Island
ImagePelagic Cormorants by Dennis McMillan, on Flickr

ImagePelagic Cormorant-2 by Dennis McMillan, on Flickr

Red-breasted Merganser Male and Female with 2 Common Merganser Females - East Sooke Park
ImageRed-breasted Merganser M-Edit by Dennis McMillan, on Flickr

Red-breasted Merganser Female - East Sooke Park
ImageRed-breasted Merganser by Dennis McMillan, on Flickr
BirdingBC wrote:Hi Chuck,
Welcome to the forums. Nice addition to the list. All good there.

Fixed the Google image link for you. Google is not that friendly when sharing photos as there are a few more steps to follow.
See: viewtopic.php?p=90069#p90069

Cheers and good birding,
Thanks.. Sorry don't know your name. I did try to follow those instructions but something didn't quite go right, not sure what but I will try again. Cheers
There have been some beautiful additions lately - congratulations to everyone!
I was out there looking for the Lesser Goldfinches too Zach but of course they decided to hide from me. Your pictures of them are outstanding though.
I can contribute a couple of additions today from Piper Spit at Burnaby Lake Regional Park.

Tree Swallows on a branch and 1 Violet-green Swallow flying away on the left. I didn't even notice the VGSW until I got home and processed the image. Someone should be able to get a better picture of this beautiful bird so it will "officially" count.
ImageTree Swallows by Jewill on Flickr

This may be the same Common/Eurasian Teal that was at the spit last year.
ImageCommon Teal (Male) by Jewill on Flickr
ChuckFeathers wrote: Mar 29 9:10 am Well I tried again but looks like same result. What did you do to fix the first photo?
Hi Chuck,
I'm James! Thanks for contributing ... I hope you don't mind, but I was able to open your image, copy it to my Flickr account, and then embed it here. Very nice addition to our list!
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