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zwest wrote: Apr 21 5:14 pm OK I finally made one! :P
Good one, Zach! I keep forgetting to take a video ... I get all excited just seeing the bird -- thankfully, my wife will say "don't forget the video!" haha.
I had to scroll through the list to make sure this wasn't a duplicate. haha. Here's a white-crowned sparrow doing a little spring cleaning!

I've had about 20 to 30 of these guys hanging out in the yard ... they usually stay for a couple of weeks and then head off to their final summer vacation spot!
Adding 4 new birds to the list!

Virginia Rail

Normally virginia rail are secretive and rarely show themselves. This bird came right out below the path and presented great views.

Greater white-fronted Goose

This group stopped roadside along Blenkensop Rd. to fuel up during their migration journey.

Caspian Tern

A pair of Caspian tern stopped at Esquimalt lagoon. This one tern was hunting for fish. When it caught one, it was bring the fish back to its mate.

Pacific-slope Flycatcher

A spring arrival to the Blenkensop Lake wooded area. The pac-slopes nest here and this bird was singing and cooperated for a quick video.

Bonus Video

We already have the Green-wing teal but I managed to film this bird with good lighting.
Western Meadowlark - Saanichton, BC

A nice find for spring migration. Meadowlark are uncommon in mid-spring migration as most overwintering meadowlark have left by now. This bird was singing by a farm reservoir above the bulk fields.
Least Sandpiper

Western Sandpiper

Long billed Dowitcher

Dowitchers are near impossible to ID in the field unless you know what to look for and can spot the different. I have reviewed the footage and believe these are long-billed.
Here are some resources on Dowitcher species ID.
https://www.surfbirds.com/ID%20Articles ... chers.html


Dunlin (already have this, just nice to get a view with direct sun)
Here's a couple of videos from my birdwatching today:
Mountain Bluebird near White Lake Basin, OK Falls, BC.

Hairy Woodpecker at Swiwi (Haynes Point) Provincial Park, Osoyoos, BC.

Western Kingbirds - near Osoyoos, BC.

This next one was taken at my house in Kelowna. A female Rufous Hummingbird:
Eastern Phoebe

This was a quite a surprise to find this morning. Managed to shoot a bit of video but photos did not turn out (blurry).

This completes my Phoebe hat-trick for the year (Black, Say's, Eastern) -- only missed video on the Say's

Pectoral Sandpiper

These rare birds have been seen at Panama Flats, Victoria for at least a week and I finally had some time and luck to see them.

Spotted Sandpiper

Regular summer residents at Panama Flats
Wow, Kevin! Prolific! Nice work ... I'll try to get a Say's Phoebe video for you here from the Okanagan to add. I did have a couple of others to share, though.

I have to correct one of my entries -- The "Hairy Woodpecker" video above is actually a Downy Woodpecker. However, here's a video of a Hairy Woodpecker.

Continuing the Woodpecker theme ... A Lewis Woodpecker at Kettle Valley Recreation Area (BC).

Here's a Townsend's Solitaire -- not a great image, but you can hear his unique call ...

Finally, an Eastern Kingbird filmed at Vaseux Lake, BC.
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