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Hello folks,

I am very new to birdwatching and recently purchased a nikon p1000. I am looking for a photography course to learn how to use the camera as well as get tips on taking pictures of birds in particular.

Greatly appreciate any suggestions.

Thank you.
Hi Shapna,

I am not sure what courses are being offered out there as most have switched to online learning. I am going to suggest you check out online photography courses and free online resources to get your started. There is a lot of learning to become proficient but also rewarding as it help you unlock the power of your camera and eventual take good photos when the moment counts: (because you have a Nikon) ... y-courses/

Others here, such as Glenn Bartley, are wildlife photographers and they may be able to suggest specific resources to get your started. They also offer photography workshops and courses themselves.

Thanks Kevin. This is a good start. Hopefully by the time I familiarize myself with all the functions restrictions will be lifted and I will find a course to join. I have been going out on my own and slowly getting the hang of it.
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