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The Vancouver Avian Research Centre is delighted to announce that it will conduct a ‘Covid Special’ Bird Monitoring and Banding Workshop on Saturday and Sunday September 19th and 20th.

To comply with Covid guidelines under the BC Restart Program, the classroom sessions will be held via Zoom on Saturday and Sunday September 12th and 13th. Workshop participants will then have the option to attend two subsequent field session trips to the Colony Farm banding station for the practical sessions anytime over the next 12 months as Covid restrictions ease.

We are confident that this structure will provide people with the solid technical foundations to accurately age and sex NA landbirds in the hand allowing them to take this knowledge in to the field.

Cost: $195 (Adult) – Zoom sessions only (plus the optional two field trips if required - $150)

$145 (Student) – Zoom sessions only (plus the optional two field trips if required -$150)

The zoom sessions will consist of video and presentation materials which will also be available for print and provide an excellent opportunity for participants to learn about the plumage, molt sequences and life habits of NA passerines.

The workshop has been developed for people with little or no bird banding experience, although those with existing experience have benefited enormously from the classroom sessions which teach accurate ageing and sexing of NA landbirds in the hand in a methodical and understandable way. Participants will also receive training in bird safety and welfare, ageing and sexing techniques, mist net use and data collection providing a solid foundation of the technical skills required for the field.

Most of all, these workshops are a fun and interesting experience and a way to take your interest in birds to the next level. See what people who have attended previous workshops have to say and why the average rating from course participants is 9.5 out of 10!!

Full details of the course schedule, content and registration information can be found online: ... -workshop/

Thank you!

Derek Matthews
Chairman / NABC Certified Trainer
Vancouver Avian Research Centre

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