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Hello fellow bird nerds. I will be heading to Postill lake Lodge for a week long stay and I am looking forward to getting some good birding in during my time there. I was wondering if any locals would be able to point me in the direction of any good birding spots in the area. I know Beaver Lake Road is frequently shown in the Audubon App for good sightings . I would love to see and photograph a Western Screech Owl and see there have been recent sightings near Penticton on Max Lake Road. If anyone knows any other spots a little closer to Lake Country or Kelowna where one might find a Western Screech Owl I would love to know.
Any tips would be much appreciated! Thank you and happy birding!
Not sure how long you have been birding but people on most forums won’t post locations of owls and surprised you have seen some Im assuming maybe on ebird which is not supposed to be done.Its also not cool to ask for locations of owls which I see you have done before on a previous post about snowy owls.👎
Oh no! I've broken the birding edicate 😯😯 Sooo sorry! Just for the record I'm not asking for specific roosting locations just an idea of where to maybe look.
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