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Victoria Rare Bird Alert Transcript

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- 250-704-2555
* British Columbia
* Greater Victoria and Southern Vancouver Is.
* July 29, 2014
* BCVI140729

This is the Victoria Natural History Society's Bird Alert for Tuesday, July
29, 8:30 PM update. To report sightings of interest, please press the
pound key and leave your name, message and phone number, or wait for the
tone at the end of this report. Remember to include the date, time and
location of your sighting. To summon those that can confirm a rare bird,
please call Barbara Begg at 250-656-5296 or Ann Nightingale at 250-514-6450 .

Sunday, July 27
- A Solitary Sandpiper was observed at Tod Creek flats. Also at this
location was a bird making the =E2=80=9Cmewing=E2=80=9D call sound of a pos sible GRAY
- 4 Ruddy Turnstone were on the Oak Bay Islands with 2 on Discovery Island
and 2 on a rock in the Chain Islands
- A Bank Swallow was with other swallows at Swan Lake
- 3 Evening Grosbeak were seen near the Pedder Bay marina

Thursday, July 24
- A Whimbrel was along the shoreline at the end of Bowker Street in Oak Bay

Wednesday, July 23
- A Northern Parula was heard singing in the early morning from the
cottonwood trees at the south end of the bridge at Swan Lake. There have
been no further reports of the bird.

Tuesday, July 22
- A Wandering Tattler, first sighted on July 21, was seen again along the
inside of the Ogden Point breakwater
- A Semipalmated Sandpiper was with other shorebirds at Witty's Lag oon

Monday, July 21
- 21 Semipalmated Plover and 5 Sanderling were on Sidney Island


Mike McGrenere
Victoria, BC


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