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Victoria Rare Bird Alert Transcript


The Victoria Natural History is no longer operating an independent Rare Bird Alert.
The majority of the information on the RBA in recent years was obtained from the
Yahoo Group BCVIBIRDS and from E-bird. However, the Bird Records Committee is
still requesting reports of rare birds.

To summon birders to confirm the sighting of a rare bird, please call Barbara Begg at 250-656-5296, Rick Schortinghuis at 250-885-2454, or Ann Nightingale at 250-514-6450.

If you have seen a rare or unusual bird in the Victoria Checklist area, or a bird outside of its normal date range, please submit a report online or by using this printable form (both at to have your sighting reviewed for inclusion in the Annual Bird Report and the Checklist of Birds for Victoria and Southern Vancouver Island.

For immediate access to rare bird reports, birders may want to consider joining the online community at This group has several hundred members and is used by many local birders to report rarities.

Birders are also encouraged to post their common and uncommon sightings to eBird.

Recent rare birds in the Capital Regional District reported on eBird

Recent rare birds in the Cowichan Valley Regional District reported on eBird

Here is a short video on how to use eBird to look for alerts.

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