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Victoria Rare Bird Alert Transcript

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- 250-704-2555
* British Columbia
* Greater Victoria and Southern Vancouver Is.
* August 28, 2014
* BCVI140828

This is the Victoria Natural History Society's Bird Alert for Thursday,
August 28, 10:00 PM update. To report sightings of interest, please press
the pound key and leave your name, message and phone number, or wait for
the tone at the end of this report. Remember to include the date, time and
location of your sighting. To summon those that can confirm a rare bird,
please call Barbara Begg at 250-656-5296 or Ann Nightingale at 250-514-6450 .

The VNHS birding field trip on Saturday, August 30 will be to Swan Lake.
Meet at the Swan Lake parking lot off Swan Lake Road at 8:00 AM.

Thursday, August 28
- 2 Northern Waterthrush were observed on the west side of Bow Park near
the Erie Dillabaugh bench

Wednesday, August 27
- 2 or 3 Northern Waterthrush were observed at Swan Lake near Tuesday
Pond and along the boardwalk near the bubbles. One Northern Waterthrush was
also observed at Beckwith Park
- 2 Ruddy Turnstone were along the shoreline at Whiffin Spit with other

Tuesday, August 26
- A female American Redstart, first observed on August 25, was observed
again in the NW quadrant of Uplands Park between the meadow and a large
dead oak tree

Monday, August 25
- A Cassin's Auklet was off Clover Point in the afternoon
- A Red Knot with some breeding plumage still visible was on Trial Island
with other shorebirds
- A female American Redstart was seen near the banding station at Pedder Ba y

Sunday, August 24
- A bird thought to be a Smith's Longspur was observed in a yard ne ar
Summit Park. The bird flew off in the direction of Summit Park.
- An American Bittern was seen flying over Swan Lake in the evening
- A Bank Swallow was with other swallows in the morning at Swan Lake
- Red-necked Phalarope were observed from a boat in Juan de Fuca Strait

Saturday, August 23
- A Stilt Sandpiper was reported near the pump house on the north side of
Martindale Road. Also in the area were 2 Pectoral Sandpiper
- 2 Pectoral Sandpiper were also seen feeding in McIntyre Reservoir
- 9 Baird's Sandpiper were with other shorebirds on Sidney Island
- 2 Bank Swallow were with other swallows at Swan Lake
- 2 Ruddy Turnstone were observed at Whiffin Spit


Mike McGrenere
Victoria, BC


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