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By gromit
First Time visiting this little park and beautiful pond. Masses of mallards and also Several pairs of wood ducks! So excited to see these colorful birds. Lovely little pond and walk.
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By BirdingBC
Yes, Bow pond is hidden gem for birding in the South Saanich area. Neat place and I am sure it opens up as the leaves fall. In summer, the trees and bushes surrounding the pond obstruct viewing in some of the areas.

Bow Park, Fethham Park, Brodrick Park is a green way of mature garry oak stretching from Fethham Rd to the MacKenzie overpass near Braefoot School. A few rare birds have shown up here through the years and I think it is lightly birded, so it may contain more species than we know about.

Good birding!
By gromit
Thank you!
Beautiful, hidden spot!
Apparently in the old days the area was a big Holly Farm - one of the locals told me.

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