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By JimN
I would like help on the identification of these birds.
They were seen at French Creek estuary on October 17 2020. From the length of the bill and that it is not upturned, I believe that this is a lesser yellowleg. However eBird indicates the lesser yellowleg is uncommon here at this time of year, so I am not sure of my identificatiion.

Since no one else has replied I’ll add my two cents worth! I’d go with Lesser Yellowlegs due to the short neck and, as you said, shorter non-upturned bill. Also the bill appears to be quite thin. I ran it through the Merlin bird id app and it picked Greater Yellowlegs first so it’s a toss-up I guess.
With climate change, habitat destruction, wildfires and everything else that’s going on in the world you can’t rely on the range maps too much. Birds are being pushed out of their normal ranges a lot and we are seeing uncommon species more often now.

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