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By Riverwind
Wondering if anyone knows which type of owl calls with one sustained note that rises at the end? It doesn't make any other call, seemingly. It's not a hoot and always sounds exactly the same; lasting about 2 seconds and rising in pitch at the end. Thanks in advance!
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By jewill
1st one that comes to mind is a Juvenile Barred Owl which makes a raspy call (not a hoot) that rises at the end. They seemingly can do this for hours on end especially if the parents are trying to teach it to hunt on its own.
Could also be a Northern Hawk Owl but they are quite rare.
Where are you hearing this call? Is it only at night or do you hear it during the day too?
As with most birds, owls have a variety of different calls depending on the situation so knowing where and when could help narrow it down a bit.
By Robert
Saw-whet Owl has a short, sustained tone call.
By Riverwind
I hear it only at night, sometimes by itself and sometimes (like now) along with regular Barred owls, so a juvenile Barred makes sense...

Thank you, Judy.

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