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By cindilouis
We Were hiking on Manning Park’s Frosty Mountain Trail and about 4 kms in we encountered a bird. I am guessing he chose what he thought was a great nesting area until all us hikers started going by. Poor guy was very agitated and made it clear we were not welcome. We did our best to get by as quickly and quietly as possible but he chased us for a good 200 meters on our way down. I am curious what type of bird. I had assumed he was a grouse but seemed bigger than the grouse I knew growing up in northern BC and he was much darker brown and grey with yellow on his beak and eyes. My apologies if this is a vague description and I am assuming this was the male and the female was hidden with the nest. Any ideas? Any assistance is greatly appreciated.
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By Owlet
Hi! Sounds like a nice hike. There are four species of regularly occurring grouse in the area - here are links to pages about each one so you can see which one matches the bird you saw.

Sooty Grouse
Spruce Grouse
Ruffed Grouse
Dusky Grouse
(Rare) White-Tailed Ptarmigan ... n/overview

Dusky and Sooty Grouse are hard to tell apart, but Sooties are more common in the area.
By Rokman
I would put my money on the bird being a Spruce Grouse. There also was a Spruce Grouse encountered last weekend near the ski area in Manning that virtually attacked a party doing the Bird Blitz . In another incident a few years ago, a Spruce Grouse in Cathedral Park become somewhat notorious for attacking hikers.
By cindilouis
Thank you for your responses. The links were very helpful. I am pretty sure it was a Sooty Grouse because of the yellow markings above the eyes. Poor guy probably thought he found the perfect nesting place. I hope the family will be okay until the chicks are able to leave the nest. Thank you again for all your help.

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