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By revs
for this year are....
We used to get this report every year along with all the other web groups but for some reason this year we were left out of the loop.
I asked this question on our sister Fraser Valley board but was ignored by the poster.
Its sad that some would prefer we disappeared. As i noted in the post, people are still posting here and people are still talking about birds so why does it seem that we are being blacklisted? Birders aren't hypocrites, at least the ones i know, so this must just be an oversight on the ornithologists part.
If you know one, please ask why this happened, i would be curious to know.
Why do i care so much about this forum? :lol:
Because we have young birders like owlet who posted some well-thought out words related to conservatism that i personally appreciate.
Who knows how many other young birders are posting here or lurking that we don't know are "young birders" that are not yet affiliated with any groups who might benefit from knowing more about ornithology and the fun things being offered to them if they join?.
I ask all this with sincerity and with respect for what ornithologists do.
I personally think that this forum is important. It is a way that non-birders, or other young birders to find a community to talk with and learn about birding in BC.

I started birding in 2012 but did not get into the community until early 2016, which was through the forum. I honestly don't know how I could of gotten into it otherwise. The forum used to also be a place to report rarities, and I through that I was able to chase these birds and meet fellow birders I met on the forum.

There also may be other young birders lurking around here, looking for a place to talk with other local birders and get into the community. I think the forum is the place to start.

Also congrats to the 2018 young birders award recipients!

I heard a rumour that you yourself recently won a prestigious award Adam, big congrats on that :D

This place used to be all those things you said owlet but because two adults (who were supposed to be good friends!) couldn't agree to disagree on a silly matter here it suffered and has not recovered yet.
People took sides and left when one person (the pied piper) decided that they could no longer be part of the community, even when the other party involved sincerely apologized and even left the forum for an extended period of time, basically "giving" the forum to the other party in hopes that it would help smooth things over.
Problem was, the other party never came back and even erased any mention of this forum on the blog everyone reads when mention of "places to talk about birding" was listed.
That i thought was unfair, take it out on me and make me a birding pariah if you want but why hurt the very forum that welcomed you with open arms when you first joined and was a nobody as far as local birders go?

If the admin here was on the ball and not an absentee owner he would have made us both "mods" here so that one party didn't seem to be taking over everything like was happening and the other wouldn't have had their feelings hurt after all the time and effort they took in supporting the forum for 10 years.
Didn't happen for whatever reason and the rest is history.

That was all a year ago now though and i just want to look forwards, not backwards from now on.

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