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I live on North Vancouver Island - on the water - and this morning we heard a thump. Sure enough a bird was lying on the deck - I went out and gently picked it up to discover that it was an owl!
It was warm and not panicked - just resting - I kept my hands loose around it's tiny body.
I didn't have a camera - not even my phone - and I wasn't bringing it in the house ( 2 mini doxies and an Entlebucher puppy) After less than 3 minutes it took some weight on it's own little feet. I opened my fingers and it flew away into a large spruce tree.
It was definitely a pygmy owl.
Thrilling and so satisfying to see this little bird live.
Now off to find what to put on my windows so this won't happen again.
Hi Heartsinger...I volunteer at OWL (Orphaned Wildlife) and at this time of year we typically see a lot of Pygmy and Saw-whet owls coming in due to window strikes. It is the time that they are migrating to warmer climates and their route is right over us here in coastal BC. An effective product to help with this is called WindowAlert. It is available at most birding stores, like Wild Birds Unlimited, but I’m not sure if you have anything like that on Northern V.I. You can order online: ... gL0G_D_BwE
Thanks for taking care of the little guy. He will probably have a bit of a headache for a while but otherwise will recover and continue his migration.
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