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By nealdoan
Was away a bit and am just catching up on all the wonderful photos everyone has posted the past month or so. Thought I would share a few I have taken this fall...

Was back in the Maritimes and finally got a few shots of Blue Jays..
ImageBlue Jay by Neal, on Flickr

Gadwall are one of my favourite ducks. This pair in Abbotsford...

ImageGadwall by Neal, on Flickr

Surf Scoter at Crescent Beach...

ImageSurf Scoter by Neal, on Flickr

Belted Kingfisher in Abbotsford...

ImageA Few Hours Later by Neal, on Flickr

Cackling Goose at Mill Lake, Abbotsford...

ImageCackling Goose by Neal, on Flickr

Evening Grosbeak at the GBH Nature Reserve...

ImageEvening Grosbeak by Neal, on Flickr

Green-winged Teal at Blackie Spit...

ImageGreen-winged Teal Male by Neal, on Flickr

Wood Ducks in Abbotsford...

ImageColour in the Grey by Neal, on Flickr

And finally my first Ruddy Ducks of the season...

ImageRuddy Ducks by Neal, on Flickr

Cheers all!
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