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By WeatheredFeather

I am getting married next summer and we are putting the honeymoon off until the following winter in order to get away from the grey for a couple weeks! I am looking for a destination that includes great birding, but also a beach for my fiancé. He is a great sport about the birding, but would love to just relax in a nice location as well. So not really looking for a tour with an itinerary.

We would love a destination that is relatively safe, but not a typical vacation spot. Have any of you been somewhere really cool on this planet, and stayed at a place that you would recommend?

Thanks! :D
By therobwalker
Nome, Alaska has a beach and great birding, but probably not the holiday you're looking for :)...Costa Rica? How exotic are you planning?
By Liz60
How about south Texas? South Padre Island is beautiful and it is a short drive away from some birding hotspots like Estero Llano Grande, Santa Ana, Edinburg Wetlands, etc. There is a half-day Bay cruise that leaves from South Padre Island which is great. We flew from Vancouver to Houston, then Houston to Harlingen.

North Delta
Thanks for the replies!

Rob, we would like to leave North America for sure. Have considered Madagascar, Patagonia and the Galapagos... just looking for some first hand experiences/reviews and actual accommodation recommendations. :D
By therobwalker
Someone I know recently went to Madagascar, and apparently the wildlife was great, but the rest of the the country was very dirty and not very nice... just what he had said. Only have heard good things about the Galapagos, however I don't know that it would be a beach vacation for your husband...
By mcrosbie
therobwalker wrote:Nome, Alaska has a beach and great birding, but probably not the holiday you're looking for :)...Costa Rica? How exotic are you planning?
I posted Costa Rica before I saw your post. My late husband wanted so badly for us to live there. Apparently, many Canadians do spent a lot of time there. (Retirees mainly). I have read that it is both a good birding place and a good beach destination and affordable too.
By wendylou
Our trip to Australia was amazing. The Gold Coast near Brisbane has fantastic beaches and the birds are fascinating.

We also stayed inland at the little B&B It was so wonderful.

We did a wildlife tour and we loved it:
If you look at her website and see a Kookaburra on a telephone wire, that's my photo :wink:

I would LOVE to go to the Galapagos Islands, tho.

Have fun deciding!
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