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By birdeyes
Have been staring at this for a couple of days already. After reading various books and checking the websites. I think the highest probability is that the one at the back is Tundra (whiter back, the black from eye to bill is curved rather than straight line and smaller even though it could be just position). The one in front, I am leaning towards that it is a trumpeter (because the line of the crown to bill is relatively straight).

By birdergirl
Hi Mario, these are both trumpeter swans. Note the black broad bill connecting to the eye. In a Tundra the eye appears as if it is separate from the bill. Also, most Tundra Swans do have some yellow on their black bills. Note also the size of these birds there is no marked difference.

Here is a thread where I posted some photos of adult Tundra Swans showing off the eye I described. ... +trumpeter

By birdeyes
Thanks Mel for the explanation. Yes, with the yellow spot, it would have been perfect. However, I was reading also that some Tundras may not show that yellow spot and that is where I was really struggling. With your explanation and re-reading this article, things start to clear up. I probably still need a lot more pictures and field experiences to be able to call it with any certainty.

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