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Hi are you interested in seeing Tufted Puffins close to Vancouver?

If so there is a breeding colony in the Salish Sea not too far from Lopez Island at Smith Island.

There are two pelagic trips offered on July 16th and July 30th from Bellingham this year for 89$ US per adult and 44.50$ US for youth they leave at 8:45am and get back at 4pm. Hot lunch included!

All info and where to purchase tickets is here:

Brian Stech said the Puffin pelagic trip today was fantastic to Smith Island out of Bellingham! They had 8 Tufted Puffins today.

Here is one of his gorgeous shots!

Photo used with permission*

I can't wait till we go in two weeks! Tickets are still available for July 30th for anyone interested!

birdergirl wrote:Looks like lots of BC Birders will be on the boat! Looking forward to a great time!
Cool, I don't need to worry about renewing my passport now~ :?

I will be waiting to see your photos :D

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