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Thank you for posting these Bridget! The few pictures I took of the group weren't very good. The picture of Virginia at the bottom of the hill really exhibits how vast the mountains are. Whistler may be a popular skiing area in the winter, but people really have been able to coexist with nature there, which is quite an accomplishment considering that almost all non-coastal towns in BC were founded due to an unsustainable industry (logging, mining, etc.).

Feeding the Gray Jays was so fun; and the marmot was so cute! I will never forget that day :D
Here is one I'd like to add from our magical and memorable day!

Here is Bridget with a Whiskey Jack on her head with Ian holding his hand out (kinda looks like he's holding it! :P ).


This was the exact moment before we flipped out and around and saw a Pygmy-Owl! :shock:

Sorry this is so late. It's because I've been swamped with stuff lately, but here are my shots from the trip.

ImageNorthern Pygmy Owl by alice1012, on Flickr

ImageGray Jay by alice1012, on Flickr

Thanks Mel for organizing another fantastic trip!
You are so welcome Alice! You guys are the reason the trip was so special!

Thanks so much for sharing these gorgeous shots! I love how the Pygmy is peaking over at us!

I don't know how you guys managed so well to capture the gray jays while they flew on our lenses and stuff! No easy feat! Well done!



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