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Hi kids and parents,

Our last field trip of the year is scheduled for Oct 3rd! We had to do it so soon after our mini-pelagic trip because the snow is coming to the mountains. We have 10 kids signed up thus far. Our Mini pelagic has 20 people signed up (15 children) so sign up fast as I will keep this group smaller. The pelagic in Victoria will be a great way to connect with the Vancouver island children birders and this trip will be a great way to connect with other children from the province. This is a great way to build connection and community in the youth birding movement in the province of BC!

This hike is not suitable for small children it is a 3 hour return hike on the Overlord Trail and Marmot Trail in moderate terrain at Blackcomb Mountain. Any parents or kids 16 and under who would like to participate please email or pm me at Bcbirdergirl(at)gmail(dot)com for more details and meeting points etc. I have valid first aid/cpr for children and adults as well. Please feel free to email with any questions.

*There will be a cost for transportation and a cost for the gondola (which if we purchase in advance saves us considerable money).*

Our targets for this trip are White-tailed Ptarmigan, Gray-crowned Rosy finch, Pika and Hoary Marmots.

Some info on the Hike found here: ... b-meadows/

trail map ... il-map.pdf

Video of the hike here:

Thanks to all the parents and kids who support my field trips. See you on the 5th for the mini-pelagic and Oct 3rd for the hike!

I look forward to doing more with you kids next spring! Think of some more good ideas in the meantime! :P

How I wish I was 16 again! :lol:

Sounds like a lot of fun BG!

Constantly amazed by your selfless dedication to these minors.

I hope you guys have a great time and see lots of Ptarmigans up there.

I've actually seen three on the Marmot trail myself last year and Rosy Finches at the warming hit on Blackcomb so you and your kids should do alright ;).

I'm sure the parents and kids are grateful for all that you do your pelagic selling out is a reflection of that. I for one am and look forward to seeing both trip reports from the kids from these field trips! What a great thing you are doing for the birding youth in BC BG!

Hi Kids and Parents,

Please don't forget to buy your tickets this weekend for our Field Trip which will be held next Saturday Oct 3.

You must buy the tickets by Sunday night Sept 29th to receive the 17% off for Youth, (15% off for Child) discount! If not you will have to pay full price. You save 8$ on Youth tickets and 4$ on the Child Tickets by buying them 5 days in advance.

Please buy the tickets at the link below:

Tickets are: Children 12 and under and Youth 13-18 and please choose the
"PEAK 2 PEAK 360 Experience Day Ticket " for Oct 3rd. I will pick up all the tickets at the mtn on Oct 3rd. ... tYear=2015

I am looking forward to seeing you all and some great birds! See you at 7 am sharp at our meeting point I emailed you!


Feel free to call or email me with any questions!
Just a little update thanks to all for confirming your attendance and buying your tickets!

Second of all guess what guys ?! Ben Keen told me tonight he went up to the peak of Blackcomb and counted no less than 450 Gray-crowned Rosy finches!!!!!

So we have a lot of good things to look forward to kids! :P


I haven't seen either of your target species. When I was in Whistler this Christmas, a waitress in our hotel described seeing a few on Whistler Mountain. But no matter how hard I looked (even on the ski run called Ptarmigan!), I came up ptarmiganless. My brother still makes fun of me for how I would sporadically chant "I want to see a ptarmigan... I want to see a ptarmigan..." On ski lifts and everywhere in between. :lol:
Wish you could come Josh hopefully one time you can join us and let's hope we get a few of our targets! Yes our chances for rosy finches are looking good at the moment :wink: :mrgreen: !

A reliable place to see Ptarmigan in your state is the Skyline Trail in Mt. Rainier :). You should get them there easily in the summer.


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