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Alright, I might as well post some photos! We had a great time, and thank you Mel for organizing it, we wouldn't have been able to do it without you, and thank you Guy for spotting our birds! Some of our other highlights of the trip were a common Crane, a lemon, a seal dancing to music, Rock Pigeons (!!), and grapefruit juice with mite powder in it (sorry Mel :lol: ).

And some of my photos:

ImageCommon Murre by Bridget Spencer, on Flickr

ImageHeermann's Gull by Bridget Spencer, on Flickr

ImageSea Lion by Bridget Spencer, on Flickr

ImageGull flock by Bridget Spencer, on Flickr

ImageGlaucous-winged Gull by Bridget Spencer, on Flickr

ImageWestern Gull & Glaucous-winged Gull by Bridget Spencer, on Flickr

ImageHeermann's Gull by Bridget Spencer, on Flickr

ImageRed-necked Phalaropes by Bridget Spencer, on Flickr

And my photos of the jaegers can be seen here: ... 5932017604

Once again, thank you everyone for a great time! :D

Bridget :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: mites..... grapefruit juice I just about fell off my chair :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Now back to regular programming fantastic photos my dear so glad you had a fantastic time thanks for coming and thanks for sharing. I was so impressed with your knowledge on this field trip and congrats on all your lifers!

That sea lion is such a rock star I love his funny facial expressions! I also love the heermann's gulls shots you got and you may have got the prettiest glaucous-winged gull shots I've seen. The Common Murre is absolutely stunning B!

We sure had fun and lots of laughs didn't we even if they were at my expense :wink:

Hey Guys,

Thanks for sending me all your Red Phalarope photos last night!

Nathan Hentze and Guy Monty have confirmed that we DID in fact SEE a RED PHALAROPE!!!!

Here is a photo by Joshua Brown confirming it (check out the bird farthest to the right):

*Photo used with permission*

You guys I am so impressived by our MASSIVE haul on a short trip out to Race Rocks from Victoria! We did REALLY WELL kids!!We got some birds I didn't even fathom! Congrats on all your lifers and a spectacular trip thanks for everything!

The Pomarine, Long-tailed Jaeger and Red Phalarope will be posted to the Vancouver Island bird alert.

I'll post some photos as well. The trip was spectacular! I never thought I would see all 3 Jaegers in 1 day! Thank you so much Mel for organizing the trip. It was incredible, and my first pelagic.
I'm so excited for the October trip!

ImageCommon Murre by VancouverBirder, on Flickr

ImageHeermann's Gull by VancouverBirder, on Flickr

ImageHeermann's Gull by VancouverBirder, on Flickr

ImageLong-tailed Jaeger by VancouverBirder, on Flickr
Awesome report! Sounds like a great time was had by all and I can't keep saying how happy I am to see young people getting together with wonderful mentors, and best of all--birders getting OUT THERE and finding cool stuff!

Keep the train rolling, wish I could have been there! :P

Russ Cannings
Cambridge, New Zealand
Wish you were there too Russ! Miss you a lot!!

Cole fantastic photos!!! I am so glad you had a fabulous time!! Thanks so much for coming and sharing your photos and for being the first one to spot the Red Phalarope!

I wish we had taken a group photo guys! I really can't believe I forgot to do that. :(

Cole, just wanted to let you know I will never look at grapefruit juice the same way because of you... so thanks for that! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Here are some great photos of some of the 15 kids that came on the pelagic unfortunately we were all too busy and excited to get a group photo.

Thanks Guy for taking these photo of some of the kids!! :P :P

Liam, Matt, Joe, Cole, Alice and Else watching the Gulls and Jaegers come into the chum!

Joe doing his best bag impression! :lol:

Liam, Daniel, Rebecca, Rob, Warren and Matt hugging his brother Joe after getting a good bird!

Our target destination - Red Rocks!

Puddle Duck aka Virginia telling me how excited she was about her lifers

*Photos used with permission*

Daniel Donnecke said he has more pictures of the rest of the kids to send me so will post them here when I get them!

Wow what can you say to a thread like this ? Each time you open it there is another goodie in it!

Thanks BG for all your hard work with the youth in the birding community in BC and frankly the adults too we all learn a lot and appreciate all your help and getting the info out ASAP to us all.

Cole and Bridget great photos and can you guys tell us more about this inside joke with the grapefruit juice :lol:

Also what's with the lemons Guy? :lol:

Guy that's pretty rad you helped put all these kids on this trip to kudos to you man as well.

That's spectacular you guys saw all three jaeger species. Pomarine, Long-tailed and Parasitic and a Red Phalarope

Surprised you didn't see any tuberoses or a puffin

Great video of the kids Guy and awesome photos of them LOL they look so enthralled and happy!!

I wish there was nature field trips geared around birds like this when I was a kid.

Thanks BG and kids! Keep em coming!

Here is a photo by Daniel Donnecke of Bridget, Cole and Virginia at Clover Point shooting the Heermann's Gulls!


also a sort of GROUP SHOT of some of the kids (not all) even if no one is looking at the camera :lol:

Rob, Warren, Joe, Emma, Khalid, Ian, Bridget, Virginia, Alice, Cole and Else all looking intently at some Heermann's Gulls at Clover Point.

Josh and Leo just taking it easy (Living in Victoria Leo is used to seeing Heermann's Gulls! :lol:)

*Photos used with permission*

Here is a photos Warren Lee sent me tonight of the kids photographing a Creeper and a nuthatch at Beacon Hill Park! Alice and Cole both shared some fantastic shots of the Brown Creeper here already.

*All Photos used here with permission*

In the photo pictured from Left to Right are : Daniel, Alice, Josh, Virginia, Bridget, Emma, Khalid, Cole, Rebecca, Liam and Else.


Ian, Bridget, Khalid, Virginia and Cole photographing some birds at Clover Point

Here is a photo of the boat we chartered the "Fantasea" with cute little Rebecca looking out waiting for the Vancouver people to arrive at Victoria Inner harbour. Hi there Guy!

Some of the kids on the boat from Left to Right - First Row: Cole, Virginia, Bridget, Liam, Josh, Else, Alice. Second Row: Leo, Emma, Rebecca, Khalid and Ian.


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