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By Olympus13
So Im working on a job in Kitimat atm, and i've been at a camp, so yesterday I left camp, and found a green trail. Kitimat is a very Wet area, for anybody that thinks vancouvers wet, it is but, you'd be misinformed as rain is higher in kitimat. The trees that are green are lush green. I ended up seeing my closest looks at ruby crowned and Golden Crowned Kinglets, usually in lower mainland when i've seen them they hide crazily and flew like crazy to get there space in there trees. These birds were close, I anticipated seeing a mountain chickadee, and luckily my keen interest let me stay in this small trail for a long enough time to hear and see them! There very cool. It was special! I had a feeling I'd see one as Id be researching online about there whereabouts, but I had amazing looks and today was special. Sometimes just finding one great tree or two and staying in that spot for 15 or so mins brings very good looks of these special birds.
No pics as I gave one of my cameras to my uncle, and the other ones having problems.
Finding your own birds rather than following the crowd is a fun past time for me, wish more people were similar-minded.

so the list is

mountain chickadee
ruby-crowned kinglet
golden crowned kinglet
american robin
bald eagle
fox sparrow
By markj
Cool about the mountain chickadee haven't seen one since I saw BG's photos from Manning on here they look like masked zorros or something.

Kitimat is a very interesting, and little birded place. It can be a little slow in the winter, but the migrants should start arriving in the next month. Enjoy!

Guy L. Monty
Nanoose Bay, Vancouver Island, BC
By KitimatAnne
Just wanted anyone visiting Kitimat to know that we've got a great group of non-profit folks - the Kitimat Valley Naturalists - who'd be happy to provide you with the inside scoop of where to see the coolest birds! You can check out their website at, or give Walter a call (SUPER nice guy!)
His contact info is:
Walter Thorne
12 Farrow St. Kitimat BC
V8C 1E2
Hope this is helpful
Happy birding!
By jjohnwm
I worked out of a camp in Kitimat a few years ago and spent a lot of my spare time birding. Beautiful area. I'm still a little miffed that I managed to spend an entire summer there and never found a Chestnut-backed Chickadee. I was fortunate to find a bird-finding guide to the local are in a little Kitimat shop; a bit out of date but still helpful.

Are you building the camp for the new LNG project? I'm hoping to be back this year or next for that one.

edited to add: Oops! Just noticed this thread is so old...:)

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