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So, a new month, a new bird.
Quite a few of us like owls (quite a few..LOL) and i am no different, i love all birds and owls are birds so...
On Facebook groups you can pretty much get owl over-load because it seems like they are the only bird that gets responses and kudo's from the public and thus are the most posted because of that reason.
Sometimes i think "seen one owl, seen em all" but there is no denying their appeal and cool factor so..
without further adiou, let's show the Short-eared Owl some love (like it needs any :lol: ).






Over the years i have come across these birds at a few different locations around the lower mainland, i would probably have more shots but i despise Vancouver traffic so much that i rarely make the trek over to Boundary Bay or Richmond because of it.
Thank you Paul for keeping the Bird of the Month going. Your photos, as always, are beautiful. I so enjoy looking at, and admiring, other's work. I agree that owls get way more attention than any other bird but it's easy to see why. The eyes, the silence, the camo and the whole mystery surrounding them is very intoxicating. I don't think I'm much different from others when I consider getting a photo of any owl to be a real "score".

Anyway, here are my contributions:
Now, this may cheating, since this is not a wild bird so it was easy to get a picture. It was on an extremely cold January morning in 2015 and I was making the rounds of the education birds at OWL. I went into Winnie's enclosure and I could actually see her breath, it was that cold! I had never noticed that in birds before, but I guess they feel the cold in much the same way we do.

Short-eared Owl by Jewill, on Flickr

This one was at Brunswick Point.
Short-eared Owl (Adult) by Jewill, on Flickr

And finally at Boundary Bay.
Short-eared Owl (Adult) by Jewill, on Flickr

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone else's photos.
I don't drive so it's rare for me to get out to Boundary Bay, but some Facebook friend offered to meet and to drive out with me.
It was fantastic!

Staring right at ya!
ImageShort-eared Owl resting staring by Rob -Alexander, on Flickr

I kind of liked the hidden foliage look!

ImageShort-eared Owl in dead foliage by Rob -Alexander, on Flickr

With so much fog you get wet!
Time for a shake!

ImageShort-eared Owl shaking by Rob -Alexander, on Flickr

The log matches the plumage of the Short-eared Owl!

ImageShort-eared Owl resting on log talons showing by Rob -Alexander, on Flickr
incredible shots everyone! that's one photogenic owl.
did see one at Boundary Bay in 2013.
tried to locate the pair last year at Martindale Flats. a farmer said they sat on his chicken coop at night. still on the look out. appreciate seeing your amazing shots, thanks.
Great choice Paul, who (everyone as we all know) doesn't love owls! Wonderful shots so far everyone! :D
Some of my shots through the years.
ImageShort-eared Owl by featherweight2009, on Flickr
ImageShort-eared Owl by featherweight2009, on Flickr
ImageShort-eared Owl by featherweight2009, on Flickr
ImageShort-eared Owl by featherweight2009, on Flickr
Wonderful shots. I have yet to see an owl in the wild. Of course, it would help if I went out where they are found. I have asked a friend of mine to go with me to a local area, for that purpose. Now just to find a mutual time and do it!

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Wow. Gorgeous photos, and a very beautiful bird.