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A few images from finalizing some November photos.

First up a Sharp-tailed Sandpiper in the fog at Reifel. I could barely see the bird in the fog, but it did behave differently than the nearby Shorebirds, enabling tracking it easier. Also I think it sensed it was being watched, but couldn't see the watchers very well. Luckily, there is a "defogger" in Photoshop. After defogging the images I noticed that it was yawning in some shots. Then a few days later, I photographed a Long-billed Dowitcher at Burnaby Lake yawning. A trend? A contest?



Then, at a later date at Boundary Bay early on a cold morning, I came across a Flock of Birders with big lenses watching Barn Owls. As I had never photographed Barn Owls flying before, I joined the Flock. I managed a few OK photos, but because of the low light level (prior to sunrise), I had to push the images to ISO 4000. Shortly, after taking some reasonable quality images I wandered off to find different birds. When I returned later, the sun was high enough to strike the ground and lit up a female Barn Owl just as she flew off with a evening snack prior to retiring. Nice tail.


While I had been away I spotted a Peregrine zipping by over the reeds and grabbed a couple of photos. Later, on the PC, I realized that it had also snagged a meal. Unlike the Owl's "evening" snack, this was a morning "breakfast".


Most of the photos on my Flickr page are labelled as "small". My definition of "small" has been slowly increasing. Recently a move to a 28" 4k monitor caused me to increase the size of my "small" photos. This forum is not sized for 4k monitors and makes my "small" photos even smaller. Sometimes, I post (to Flickr) a relatively large image, (still labelled as "small" as I downsized it) if the lighting and subject justify a larger image. E.g., the Wood Duck on my recent upload to Flickr. So larger versions are generally available on Flickr.
By jewill
Your birds look like they really enjoying their yawns. I hope they got a good stretch in there too for the “complete” experience :D.
That might make a good topic for others to post pictures...yawning and/or sleeping birds? Just a suggestion.
Awesome Barn Owl shots on Flickr. I have yet to get one in flight.
Thanks for sharing.

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