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By woodfibrebirder
My wife and I just got back from a week in Penticton and I thought I would share a couple of videos from my morning walks into Max Lake. Max Lake is my favourite place for morning bird sounds although late May and earlier in June is a little better than now. The lake is surrounded by steep hills so the sounds of the birds seem to get amplified. I let the Grey Catbird and the Willow Flycatcher ramble on because that is what the tend to do in the wild. I also noticed that the catbird has a band on its right leg.
Hope you enjoy the sounds,
Chris Dale, Squamish
ps the quality will be better if you switch to 1080p by clicking on the little gear symbol at the bottom of the video

By wendylou
We are heading to Penticton tomorrow. Sure hope the sky is that blue when we get there!
Thanks for sharing the music.
By mcrosbie
Lovely videos. I follow you on Youtube, but don't get much time to visit the videos there. Thanks for sharing them here.
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