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If you are interested in going on a pelagic to Race Rocks, VNHS is running one on Oct 16th out of Victoria.

On their last trip on Oct 1st they had some Sabine's Gulls as a highlight.

To book the trip (must be done by Oct 8th) and to read the costs and info please click here: ... ventpage_6

For anyone considering this trip, it is fantastic. I was on the Oct 1 trip and along with the Sabine's Gulls we also had a pair of Golden Eagles, two Western Gulls, several hundred Turkey Vultures, and large numbers of Common Murre and Rhino Auklets. We also had a number of great mammals including: a Sea Otter (!!!!), several Orca, 2 Humpback whales, and many sea lions and elephant seals. Last year we had both Sooty and Pink-Footed Shearwaters. If there are still seats available, it is well worth your time!

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