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Hi Kids and Parents

We have a few exciting events planned so far for the summer:

June 4th we are going to Merritt and this trip is now full. Targets will be Black Tern, Swainson's Hawk, Meadowlarks, Clay-coloured Sparrow, Black-billed Magpie, Eared and Horned Grebe in breeding, American White Pelicans, Lewis' Woodpecker, Bluebirds, Burrowing Owl, Ruffed and Dusky Grouse (possible Spruce and Sharp-tailed), Calliope Hummingbird, Osprey, Ruddy Ducks, Vesper Sparrow, Williamson's Sapsucker (possible), Chipping Sparrow, Common Loon with chicks, Red-necked Grebes with chicks, Townsend's Solitaire, House Wren, Eastern Kingbird, Western Kingbird, Say's Phoebe, Red-naped Sapsucker, Bullock's Oriole, all three Nuthatch species, Yellow-headed Blackbird, Horned Lark, Redhead, All 3 Teal species, Gray Catbird and possibly a Great Gray Owl.

Transportation will be provided from Vancouver with a small fee. Please meet at 7 am at the Park and Ride off Cambie and West 10th in Vancouver. Kids coming from the interior please meet at Beaver Ranch Flats parking lot at 10:30 am. Please bring bagged lunch, hat, water, sunscreen, camera and bins.This will be a full day trip with multiple locations and involve some hiking so it will not be suitable for small children under 12.

A waiver for BCFO will have to be signed by parents before any child is allowed to depart on the trip. Which I have emailed out to all participants.

I will hand out our new Young Birder Hats and Young Birder Award Plaques at this field trip.

I am also doing a field trip on July 16th at Catbird Slough and Grant Narrows if parents can drop their kids at 9am at Pitt Lake with a bagged lunch and water, hat and sunscreen we will go looking for American Redstarts, Gray Catbirds , Eastern Kingbirds, various warblers and the like!

I have also planned a mini pelagic on Saturday August 27th from Sooke with Sooke Explorations in the Juan De Fuca Strait

Cost breakdown is as follows:

Total: 181.40$ per child coming from Vancouver or Mainland which includes ferry fare and transportation. Please meet us at 600 am at the Taxi Pullout right before the car ferry cashiers.

Total 80$ per child coming from Vancouver Island. Please meet us at 10 am at Salty Towers Oceanfront Resort at 1581 Dufour Rd in Sooke.

To confirm your spot on the pelagic tour as it is first come first serve and I only have ten seats open not including the two adults coming please email me first that you are coming and then I will direct you with payment instructions.

A waiver for BCFO will have to be signed by parents before any child is allowed to depart on the trip. Which I will email out to all children signed up.

Birds we are hoping to see are pink-footed and sooty shearwaters, jaegers and northern fulmars etc. I did the trip last year and we got all those birds and more. There should be a good chance at seeing whales too.

Please ensure kids bring a bagged lunch and water, sunscreen, hat, warm layered clothes as it can get cold on the sea, rain jacket , gravol or nausea patch to be taken the night before and of course binoculars and cameras. A dry bag or rain cover is a good idea to bring with you to protect your camera from salt water on the Zodiac.

Zodiacs are not suitable for anyone with back problems or recent surgeries.

Details on pick up location and further details will be mailed out to all registered participants.

If there is enough interest we might also do a hike to Flatiron Mountain for Ptarmigan this summer. Kids can email me your thoughts on this.

Please PM or email me at bcbirdergirl(at)gmail(dot)com if you are able to go on any of these field trips and I'll put your name on the list! Also feel free to email me with any questions or concerns.

Thanks Mark.

Just want to let everyone know that the mini pelagic is now FULL! Thanks to all the kids and parents for their enthusiastic support.

I encourage any kids who still want to go on the pelagic to email me and I'll put your name on the wait list, since cancellations are always a possibility.

See you next in Merritt!

Hey guys regarding our field trip on sat I just want to remind everyone to meet by the picnic tables near the washrooms at 9am and for parents to pick the kids up at 2pm at the same spot.

Please bring a lunch, lots of water, sunscreen , your young birder hats and your scope, camera and bins and your signed waiver by your parents or guardian, which I have emailed out to you guys.

Cheers and look forward to seeing you all on Sat July 16th at 9am.

Hey Kids and Parents,

It is exactly 1 week until our Mini Pelagic trip! 8)

Just a few reminders please get your parents to sign both waivers for this trip one for the boat company we have chartered and one for BCFO. If you have misplaced or lost the waivers I have sent you email me and I'll send you new ones. Without these you will not be able to board the boat so make sure you have them!

Also please be on time on Saturday we are meeting at 6 am sharp at the taxi pullout on the right hand side of the ferry causeway before the cashiers. I will not be able to wait here past 6:15 am so please be on time guys! Please bring some money if you would like to purchase breakfast on the ferry.

I know the weather is really sunny and hot now but be prepared to dress for the weather. Remember it gets cold out on the zodiac so bring a rain jacket and extra sweater and a rain sleeve for your camera to protect it from splashing salt water. Don't forget to bring extra batteries, and memory cards. Make sure to bring a bagged lunch and your binos, and your BCFO hat you can also bring a warm toque and gloves if you feel you might get cold. Bring a pair of lightweight waterproof pants just in case. Feel free to bring a pair of rubber boots or waterproof shoes as well. Bring sunglasses, sunscreen, and lip balm.

Remember to bring some gravol and lots of water. Also if anyone is prone to getting seasick or unsure you should take some gravol as directed the night before the trip. A nausea patch is not recommended for use in children.

For the Kids meeting us in Sooke we will meet at 10:00 am at Sooke Coastal Explorations at 1581 Dufour Rd.

Again, don't forget your 2 signed waivers guys, double check the night before and then again before you get in the car on the morning of the pelagic.

Looking forward to seeing you and hopefully some great birds on our sold out trip Saturday! We will aim to return on the 4pm ferry, we will call all parents before we get on the boat.

Always feel free to email me or call me with any questions and concerns.

I got several messages from people asking what time we should be picked up and if we are chumming on the boat!

Yes we are chumming! We plan to make the 4pm ferry (after looking for Skylarks). Therefore, parents should pick up their kids at the walk on passenger arrivals terminal at 5:45pm.


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