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By KenW
Was in Victoria for a few hours last week and spotted this in beacon Hill park. Pretty sure it is an a female American Black duck. general body colour dark chocolate brown, olive green bill, grey face. I'm lousy with ducks so feel free to correct me :)
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By Birder2000
As Mel said, there is one American Black Duck that winters in Beacon Hill Park, and it is not really known if it is a wild bird or not. I think most people count it, but there are many that don't due to questionable origins.

American Black Ducks have been introduced on the island for a very long time, and there are very small numbers of wild birds that can be found around Nanaimo, mostly in Winter. These birds are fully countable, however it can be tough to pick them out as American Black Duck x Mallard hybrids that are also in the area.
By KenW
Thx BG & Rokman
Still working on getting the species right. One of these days I'll tackle this gender thing. I think the video just shows " ducks at play" :D
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