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Hi Guys

I am doing my Second Youth Field Trip Sept 5th and have chartered a boat to take the kids out on a mini-pelagic out of Victoria! We have an expert pelagic guide Guy Monty joining us as well! We also will be chumming on the boat.

I have a few spots left (14 kids have signed up already) and spots are filling up fast if any parents or kids are interested for youth under 16 please feel free to email me for details! We will meet in Vancouver and travel together on the 7am ferry and the kids will be returned the same evening.

There will be four Vancouver Island birder kids joining us as well on the other side :).

For more details and costs etc. please email:


Only 3 spots left on the mini pelagic to Race Rocks! Please email or PM if you want to reserve a spot while you still can prices are greatly reduced now too due to the large group size! For those who can't make the date I will be offering a third field trip a ptarmigan and rosy finch hike to Flatiron peak in the Coquihalla email me for details!

Cheers and thanks to all the parents and kids for their support!

VancouverBirder15 wrote:I am so excited!!! :D

What pelagic species are possible at Race Rocks? I have been making a target list and so far it only includes Heermann's Gull (BC Lifer and Yearbird) and Brown Pelican (BC Lifer).

Also, what would be some possible highlights in Victoria?
I've never done a trip like this before, but I would say the most interesting possibilities are Sooty Shearwater, Brandt's Cormorant, Brown Pelican, any jaeger (Parasitic and Pomarine are most likely), Cassin's Auklet and Red-necked Phalarope. Of course these are just possibilities, so I wouldn't expect to see all of them. Of course birds like Red Phalarope are also a possibility but would be quite unlikely. We can hope for some strong east to west winds, as these would potentially blow in more tubenoses and higher numbers of birds like Red Phalaropes and Cassin's Auklets which are hard to see in the area. Heermann's Gull is a common bird in the area so I wouldn't worry about that! :) And who knows, if the winds are blowing strong from offshore maybe we can score something unexpected like a storm-petrel!
Hi Cole ! I am so glad you are excited !!
Liron gave a fantastic summary and explanation of what birds we could expect to see, thank you Liron! :D

As he said we can (if we are lucky) see red phalarope , pomarine jager, parasitic jaeger, (most likely), Hermann's gull and brown pelican.

Also we may see sooty shearwater, common murres, rhino auklets , maybe an ancient murrelet , Cassin's auklets, marbled murrelet , Sabine's Gull, Tufted Puffin, Fork-tailed storm-petrel, short-tailed shearwater and Manx Shearwater!

Around Victoria we should get surfbirds, wandering tattler, Hermann's gull, oystercatchers etc!

It should be a great time by all and regardless what birds we see (rare or not) fun all around! I am looking forward to it!

Yes they do Isaac they sure are strange looking when they become adult males aren't they?!:P.

Here is some info about them in BC at Race Rocks for you: ... -columbia/

So happy to hear that Cole! Guy told me last night he's going to pay particular attention for a Manx for us :wink:.


Thank you, Judy.

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