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By Dogwood
Wondering about the Northern Flicker. Have been hearing them more recently and wondered where they go in the warmer weather as we don't seem to hear them around as much in the summer. In and around March, hear them in the cooler weather then. Do they migrate to/from Vancouver area at certain times of the year?
By revs
That's a good question!
I know that flickers are migratory but i wonder just how migratory our coastal birds are.
For sure they do disappear in the summer from my area in North Vancouver and i do recall that in the fall they return and i can sometimes see large groups together at Maplewood Flats, so they are coming back from somewhere.
Some of the guidebooks i looked at suggest they travel south but how south?
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By northvanrob
Our local North Flickers head into the mountain during breeding season and once end of summer approaches we get the juveniles with the parents.

Flickers need nesting holes to breed, they make themselves and that helps many species in the future such as Black-capped Chickadee's!
By ogopogo
Red-shafted Flickers never leave Victoria. I have photos of them every month of the year. If you see nothing else, you see a Flicker. It's rather nice.
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